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My books are inspirational, a gift for anyone ready for change, working on Personal and Spiritual development and empowerment.

Grace by Dawn Cummins
The impact that this book will reveal is powerful and inspiring, it will be supportive if you are entering into the next chapter of your life. Unleashing much more understanding of your own Sacred Journey to finding the joy of this wonderful gift of GRACE.
Invisible Wings, The Power of Invisibility by Dawn Cummins
Feel uplifted when reading Invisible Wings, The Power of Invisibility, it supports and encourages highly sensitive people, earth angels, light workers and healers. Sensitivity and Invisibility is such a strength, a spiritual strength, a true gift of inspiration, as all you need is LOVE.
Message of Love by Dawn Cummins
Is loving yourself, your Life's work. Are you ready to discover self love and worthiness. Reading this book will help you to experience your own personal transformation, feeling empowered from this unique message of love and integrity.


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In "Message of Love," Dawn Cummins masterfully guides readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her profound insights, drawn from her rich experience as a transformation healer, spiritual teacher, and coach, resonate deeply with anyone seeking deeper connection and healing. This book, with its chapters ranging from "God is Love" to "You are in the Now," serves as a comprehensive guide to embracing a heart-centered life, empowering one’s mindset, and understanding the power of our inner worlds. Dawn’s emphasis on opening the heart and communicating from a place of self-love is particularly impactful, offering readers a path to true personal empowerment. The book’s exploration of faith, the role of angels, and the journey towards manifesting one's dreams provides not only inspiration but also practical guidance for those on their spiritual path. "Message of Love" is more than a book; it's a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to tap into their inner strength and manifest a life of abundance and joy. Dawn Cummins doesn’t just share knowledge; she lights the way for a journey into the heart, making "Message of Love" an essential read for anyone on the path of healing and personal growth.
- Tuomas Helkala
GRACE A SACRED JOURNEY - is written by Dawn Cummins with integrity, deep insight, knowledge and understanding. It encapsulates wisdom and knowing through personal experience, and is written with simplicity, as it guides its reader, in an uplifting and inspiring way, through five easy to read chapters, in a 'GRACEFUL' manner, along their own unique 'SACRED JOURNEY'. This is a great book to dip in and out of, and can be used as a reference, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!
- Franklin
Dawn is an incredible healer, spiritual guide and empowering coach. Her energy work was a wonderful experience and left me feeling recharged, peaceful and centred after what had been a very challenging personal time that had left me feeling energetically drained and out of balance. If you are a sensitive, intuitive person, looking for the support of a skilled, intuitive, empath - Dawn is your lady! A true earth Angel.
- Nicola Huelin
This book takes you to the next level of awareness. Its truly inspirational and I believe its a must read up there with Think & Grow Rich , Live Life Love Life, 10 Secrets for Success and The Monk That Sold his Ferrari. When you are ready the book will grab you and you will move on to where you truly believe and deserve to be! Thank you for a great read and for further inspiration to realize my full and deserved potential!
- Gary Bloomfield
When reading this book I felt inspired and positive. It helped me look at things in a constructive way.. I always feel close to spiritual ways of being, and Dawn helped remind me of how far I have come on my journey. Also of where I hope to be and work towards.. I think for people who maybe havent come across these thinking techniques, this book will be a wonderful eye opener. For those who have, its a nice reminder
- Natalie Strange
Dawn Cummins is my Reiki Master and with her love and guidance she has helped me to transform my own life to one of true self power, love and wealth on all levels. If you feel ready to discover the love and worthiness from within, Dawn will guide you to a new level of healing. A very inspirational lady!
- Nikki Pinkney
This book gave me real insights into the true meaning of life and how we perceive it. Taking time to read this gives you the confidence to believe in yourself and to trust your inner self. The problem with our modern world is we don’t stop to think. I read this book during the covid19 lockdown and took my time over it. Made sure I didn’t rush it and was relaxed and found comfort in it.
- Bronwen Vearncombe
LOVED this book as much if not more than Dawns first book, lots of guidance & knowledge for highly sensitive people & empaths how to look after & protect their energy & gifts. One of my most favourite lines from the book is this - I learned to meet my needs & not call it selfish something we must do. There’s so much more wealth of knowledge in there I will be passing it on to both my daughters to read sensitive people & empaths need all the help they can get thank you Dawn for another wonderfully written book
- Karen Jones
Reading the book it spellbound me to another field of energy, an energy of love, divine and the beauty of life.
- JH
This book is an inspirational gift for highly sensitive people (HSP's), earth angels, healers, empaths, lightworkers - anyone who is working on their own spiritual growth, inner journey and personal transformation and empowerment. We live in a world where there is so much pressure to achieve, do, have and become increasingly visible in this digital era. Dawn's book, through her voice and wisdom as a transformational healer and spiritual teacher, is a wonderful reminder of the essential nature and power of our inner I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. resrouces. A book which is both uplifting, yet grounding at the same time.
- Nicola Huelin


My back ground on qualifying as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Accredited Life Coach, Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher was and is a wonderful journey, helping me to transform my life.

A very simple truth of "Practitioner Heal Thyself" because I was willing to change and commit to the challenges along the way. My own growth of personal and spiritual development helped me heal on all levels, especially learning to love myself, feel worthy, allowing my awakening on becoming who I truly am. A profound healing that guided me to connect to my higher purpose of being a Transformational Author/Healer. When you have been empowered on your own transformational healing journey, you are then completely equipped and trained with tools, techniques that help others create their own sense of empowerment, and through this self { empowerment } mastery it encourages many people to master their Life Purpose too.

Empowerment is about your identity, vision, inner guidance, authenticity, and spiritual gifts, embrace them now.

With Courage, Belief and Trust these changes can happen, and the results may be even better than you imagined.

Many blessings

DAWN CUMMINS - Transformational Author, Healer

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