Are you worthy of love?

Are you feeling CALMER, RELAXED, PEACEFUL and ready to continue to receive the LOVE and WORTHINESS that you deserve. To go deeper into this relaxed place within. Connecting and aligning with your true self, the meditation Are You Worthy of Love?is now available.

For more information go to my publication page where you can access the meditation.  

Message of Love

I invite you to walk a very special path towards your hopes and dreams, and really live a life you LOVE.

I will coach and mentor you through your transformation, supporting you on your healing journey. I will create a safe place of love and joy, where you can be yourself, enjoying the peace and tranquillity that surrounds you. Exploring your spirituality we will focus on all area’s that need support; your sensitivity; the feelings of being lost or stuck, keeping you on track and less overwhelmed. Our aim together, is to make you stronger and more confident, positive and motivated. 

Let me share these three key ways that can be a support to you

  1. COURAGE : an important aspect when embarking on your journey
  2. CONNECT : to your higher purpose and becoming responsible for yourself
  3. SURRENDER : letting go and explore your awareness, experience being in the NOW!
They will help you to see and believe more clearly. Leaving you inspired to feel the real benefits of truly loving yourself and feeling worthy. Being the best you can be in all area’s of your life, knowing you are enough. With Love and support. I can help you achieve this! Is any of this resonating with you? Are you feeling a spark some where deep inside, a feeling maybe that you are ready to commit to your changes?  If so, why not get in touch, book a complementary Discovery Session, where it could help you decide how I can help you.

Message of Love by Dawn Cummins